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Food Products

As a dedicated partner in the global food trade, we understand the importance of delivering consistently exceptional products to our discerning clients. With our expert team's in-depth understanding of market trends, we offer a comprehensive portfolio that caters to the varied preferences of your target audience. Our streamlined export processes ensure prompt and reliable deliveries, while adhering to all regulatory requirements and international norms.

By collaborating with us, you gain access to an unrivalled assortment of Indian food products that promise not only outstanding taste but also unmatched quality and food safety. 

These are some of the items we export.

  1. Basmati Rice

  2. Spices

  3. Tea

  4. Coffee

  5. Mangoes

  6. Cashew Nuts

  7. Pickles and Chutneys

  8. Onions

  9. Frozen Seafood (shrimp, fish, crab, etc.)

  10. Dairy Products (ghee, paneer, powdered milk, etc.)

  11. Wheat Flour

  12. Pulses and Lentils (chickpeas, red lentils, green peas, etc.)

  13. Fresh Fruits (grapes, bananas, pomegranates, etc.)

  14. Fresh Vegetables (okra, bitter gourd, eggplant, etc.)

  15. Processed Foods (ready-to-eat meals, instant noodles, packaged food items, etc.)

  16. Sesame Seeds

  17. Groundnuts (Peanuts)

  18. Jaggery and Confectionery

  19. Tamarind

  20. Mustard Seeds

  21. Dried Fruits (raisins, figs, apricots, etc.)

  22. Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc.)

Reach out to us with your import requirements and we will make every effort to fulfil your needs.

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