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Building Materials &
Home Furnishings

Furniture: We export a wide range of furniture, including wooden furniture, premium plastic furniture, upholstered furniture and metal furniture for various uses such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, offices, cafes, restaurants, lawns and outdoor areas.


Building Materials: Various building materials like stone, marble, granite and ceramic tiles.

Building Hardware: Other building hardware items like hinges, screws, bolts and fasteners are also exported.

Electrical Cables and Wires: Various types of electrical cables and wires, including power cables, control cables, and communication cables.

Electrical Panels and Distribution Boards: Used for controlling and distributing electrical power within buildings and industries.

Electrical Accessories: Items like junction boxes, cable trays, conduit fittings, and cable glands, electrical connectors, terminals, and plugs .

Electrical Components and Parts: Various components like fuses, relays, switches, and connectors are exported for use in electrical systems.

Electric Motors and Generators: Various types of electric motors and generators are exported for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Lighting Fixtures and Luminaires: Variety of lighting products, including LED lights, lamps, and luminaires for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Renewable Energy Equipment: Solar panels, solar inverters and other renewable energy equipment.

Battery and Power Storage Solutions: Battery technologies, including lithium-ion batteries and energy storage solutions, used in various applications.

Optical Fiber Patch Cords: Optical fiber patch cords used in telecommunications and networking for data transmission.

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